About Our Clinic

Dr. Frintner came to CA in 1992 and provided hearing care services to the residents of Glendale at Hearing Care Associates and SONUS. In 2000 she established Hearing Resource Center near Glendale Memorial Hospital. After acquiring the Hear Well Center she moved her facilities to LaCanada. In 2004 she acquired Montrose Hearing Aid Center and provides services for those patients in her LaCanada office. She received her Master's degree in Audiology from Northern Illinois University in 1990 and her Doctoral degree from Arizona School of Health Sciences, a division of Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2001.

Diagnostic Audiology Services
We provide a full range of hearing care services for all ages.
Comprehensive Diagnositc Audiologic Evaluations
Otoacoustic Emissions
Auditory Brainstem Resonse testing

Hearing Aid and Ear Protection Services
Hearing Aid Care and Repair Services
Hearing Aid Dispensing Services
Custom Earmolds for hearing aids, noise protection and water protection

We specialize in adult and pediatric medical audiologic evaluations. We are a proud dispenser of Phonak digital technology and accessories for all your communication and listening needs.

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